Associate, Princeton

Lizzie grew up in London, England and joined Pace Harmon in 2008. She graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and was on the board of her university chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. During her time at Pace Harmon, she has worked on a variety of sourcing projects across multiple industries, including an enterprise software implementation for a healthcare company and a telecom migration project for a telecommunications company. She is involved in several internal firm initiatives, including recruiting and tools development. In continuity with her role as a social chair of her eating club at Princeton, Lizzie is the firm’s go-to food and wine connoisseur.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“I joined Pace Harmon because of the people— every practitioner I met at the company was someone I wanted to get to know better and was someone I wanted to learn from. My impression of the people at Pace Harmon hasn’t changed. Our number one rule at Pace Harmon is ‘always ask questions’, and the Pace Harmon practitioners I have been lucky enough to work with have a wide variety of experience which they have been happy to share.”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“Pace Harmon has a very collegial atmosphere, which encourages the kind of collaboration which is necessary with the work we do. Practitioners at Pace Harmon are exposed to every aspect of the business because we’re a smaller company, and every person’s opinion is valued, regardless of position within the company or project team.”

What I Have Learned

“Of all the things I have learned with Pace Harmon, the most significant has to be the project management experience I have gained. I have come to understand the level of planning and work required to successfully run a complex implementation project. I have also gained important experience within the areas of IT and telecom—the transition projects that I worked on in these areas allowed me to see how our work transforms our client’s business operations.”