Analyst, Indiana University

p_paulMarr joined Pace Harmon’s McLean practice in 2019 after earning a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Finance and Accounting concentration from the Kelley School of Business and a nearly one-year stint at Ernst and Young (EY) as an associate. During his time at EY, Marr touched on tax matters ranging from trust and estate planning to research and development credits to partnership mergers. After joining Pace Harmon, Marr performs data driven analysis, dynamic financial modeling, and contract structuring. Marr spends much of his free time reading Google news, traveling, finishing up his CPA, and watching D.C. sports.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

"Pace Harmon’s size, impressive clientele, and personal growth opportunities are major reasons why I joined. Even from day one, analysts can expect to interact with client management and executives, grapple with challenging meaningful business problems, and have firm development and recruiting responsibilities. In addition, involvement in professional development in terms of graduate education, professional certifications and further learning are encouraged. In summation, Pace makes itself hard not to join.”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“Pace Harmon represents the optimization of a variety of critical factors when selecting a job. First and foremost, Pace hires the best and brightest and by extension the quality of fellow colleagues, in terms of both subject matter expertise and professionalism, is unmatched. In addition, the small size of the firm fosters a collegiate culture and relatively flat hierarchical structure. Finally, the work is dynamic, mentally stimulating, and meaningful. Work that analysts do directly impacts recommendations and deliverables given to clients' upper management and C-suite executives. Being tasked with such great responsibility at the analyst level is a real differentiator when compared with competitors and other financial service firms. In aggregate, these factors put Pace Harmon head and shoulders above others in the industry. "

The Kind of Work I Do

“The firm offers analysts a wide range of experiences from a myriad of different industries. In my current project, I am developing a telecommunication expense management system, focusing on rate validation, creation of a baseline and benchmark, and identifying cost reducing initiatives. In addition, I am creating a process for network engineering, capacity planning, and provisioning. To use more overarching language, I am providing input for the future architecture and design of the client’s telecommunication network.”