Analyst, Wellesley College

p_paulMichelle joined Pace Harmon’s Tysons office in 2016 after graduating from Wellesley College with double majors in Mathematics and Economics. A data enthusiast, Michelle worked as a research assistant at Harvard University, and helped Abbott India build a model to distribute targets fairly to 2,000 sales representations. At Pace Harmon, Michelle finds her niche in telecom network benchmarking and supports a variety of IT and telecommunications projects. Believing in equal opportunities, Michelle cofounded MaSSP – a summer program that helps Vietnamese high school students learn about the application of Math and Sciences under the instruction of PhD candidates and students from MIT, University of Chicago, and other top universities in the world and Vietnam. She enjoys traveling and reading in her free time.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

"I joined Pace Harmon to learn more about consulting services in the exciting field of technology and services including IT outsourcing, vendor management, and IT optimization. In addition, I looked for opportunities to work with genuine and highly experienced people who have seen and done a lot to come up with optimized strategies for our clients. The firm’s relatively small size and fast pace also encourage hard work and provide opportunities for high level impact and contribution.”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“Working on multiple projects in a short period of time has allowed me to learn from various leadership styles and become exposed to different types of projects. This not only provided me with a diverse experience to figure out my niche but also encouraged me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. My colleagues are also willing to help me leverage my strengths while improving my weaknesses so that I can contribute more to the firm."

The Kind of Work I Do

"I often perform and deliver complex analyses which contribute significantly to our recommendations. The analyses may include benchmarking telecom network rates, building financial models, and conducting research on technologies and industries. I also gained technical and industry specific knowledge by distributing meeting minutes, constructing client deliverables, and facilitating vendor selections. Aside from project work, I helped with updating internal resource information and developing training materials. In most cases, the assignments contribute positively to my career and personal development."