Analyst, University of Waterloo

p_paulTian joined Pace Harmon’s Chicago office in 2017 after graduating from the University of Waterloo, where she majored in Biotechnology and Chartered Accountancy. Most recently at school, she was co-chair of Fusion Conference, which brought together various delegates and employers in networking events, expositions, case competitions and workshops themed around “Diversity Promotes Innovation”. Outside of school/work, Tian is a huge fan of Taekwondo, a food enthusiast (#foodie) and an avid traveler. Her adventures have brought her to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

"Pace Harmon provides a unique culture that places impeccable focus on the learning and development of its staff. As I got to know various members of the firm throughout my recruiting experience, I was able to formulate the characteristics of the teams I’d get to be a part of: intelligent, fun, and collaborative. The firm’s environment is one which is challenging yet rewarding, and most of all, composed of people who inspire me to grow both personally and professionally every day.”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“As a boutique firm, one of the most special things about Pace Harmon is that it really encompasses a tight-knit, family-oriented community that is key to its success and collaborative nature. The people at the firm are the best – they’re down to earth, intellectually curious and always happy to play an active role in my development as a consultant."

The Kind of Work I Do

"Every client engagement is vastly different, but similar in that they require a structured framework approach from start to finish. In my most recent project, we assessed the current state operations of a large manufacturer’s global Finance function to form cost savings as a result of increased process efficiencies. I created quantitative assessment tools and financial models to add valuable insights to the business case and to solidify our recommendations. Outside of project work, I assist with the development of proposals and benchmark inventories, and greatly look forward to planning social events for the Chicago office."