Analyst, University of Virginia

p_paulVictoria joined Pace Harmon’s Tysons Corner office in 2015 after completing a B.S. in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!). While at UVa, Victoria acted as Treasurer of the sketch comedy group Hot Kids Comedy (née La Petite Teet), performed in an acapella group, and played intramural softball. At Pace Harmon, Victoria has supported a variety of IT and business process engagements across the healthcare, consumer goods, and consumer services industries. Victoria is an avid combat sports fan, and loves to search out MMA gyms when she travels for work which has allowed her to train with top talents across the UFC, Glory, and Lion promotions. When she’s not fighting, Victoria loves to sew, cross-stitch, woodburn, and watch Game of Thrones (all at the same time).

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

"Pace Harmon is a feisty little beast! Though it is small in population, every member puts their whole weight into their work, which is what makes Pace Harmon so successful in what we do. I joined the company not only because of the small environment, which leads to recognition and attention when it’s needed, but also because of the caliber of my future colleagues and the learning opportunities that would afford me.”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“What I like most about Pace Harmon is the cozy, familiar community (we’re still right under Dunbar’s number!). At Pace, no one really disappears into the void once you’ve met them, like they may as some larger companies. My analyst class was only six people including myself, and even a year after joining I still speak to each of them several times a month. Everyone at the company is so familiar that new names at our firm-wide staff calls are noticed by everyone before informal introductions even take place. I consider this kind of environment to be a huge asset to Pace Harmon, especially when combined with the incredible expertise of practitioners across all levels."

The Kind of Work I Do

"My project work tends to revolve mostly around quantitative work, developing financial models or modeling the transformation lifecycle of a hardware population; however, I’ve also been involved in more qualitative work, such as research and project management. The type of work I do is greatly dependent upon the industry, type of project, and role that I’ve been given for each particular project. Outside of project work, I am involved in the Women’s Initiative Network, support the campus recruiting efforts, and assist other projects. I appreciate the variety of the work that I get to experience at Pace Harmon, which helps me to discover my specific interests in our industry."