Despite COVID-19 "Red Zone" Status, Nearshore Rides a New Wave of Popularity

Marc Tanowitz, managing director, served as an expert resource for this article about the impacts of COVID-19 on the outsourcing industry in Latin America. Sample excerpts: "'We’re seeing that enterprise clients are focused on making sure they have redundancies across their service delivery capabilities throughout multiple delivery locations,' Marc Tanowitz, Managing Director at Pace Harmon, told Nearshore Americas. 'For clients not already utilizing the Nearshore region, they have a new opportunity to diversify their locations and may be thinking about what services to put there in order to have a sufficient level of redundancy.'...'The Nearshore region and its service providers will need to build up a base of resources with the requisite capabilities if they expect to be able to deliver these types of services at scale,' Tanowitz warns. 'Local education systems will need to evolve to support these needs, including local universities providing training in the areas where skillsets are in high demand. Public partnership is necessary to help service providers build up resources and sufficiently develop services that aren’t currently core to their locations.'”

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