How CIOs Can Achieve Cloud Cost Savings in 3 Steps

This article spotlights Pace Harmon's cloud savings framework and quotes Stephanie Radlick, director, regarding expert advice for generating public cloud cost savings and implementing best practice governance. Sample excerpt: "Pace Harmon has developed a cloud cost savings framework -- also known as Rapid Action for Cost Elimination (RACE) -- to help enterprises identify opportunities where they can reduce third-party IT or service costs, according to Radlick. The firm took it one step further and identified the specific cost levers that can be applied to the public cloud. 'As it can be overwhelming to synthesize the vast amount of resources that speak to all the ways an organization can optimize its cloud spend, we distilled that into action-oriented initiatives that yield a quick return,' Radlick said. While this cloud cost savings framework works best for organizations with public cloud service provider agreements, any organization adopting a cloud-based infrastructure can find value in it."

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