The New Cloud Priorities of 2020

Stephanie Radlick, director, was quoted as a cloud industry expert in this piece about how cloud priorities have evolved within enterprises since the beginning of the year and with respect to COVID-19. Sample excerpt: "Companies before may have had an overall order to move to the cloud, but not a 'clear vision' and directive for implementation, said Stephanie Radlick, management consultant at Pace Harmon, in an interview with CIO Dive. Now, getting leadership buy-in is easier because 'value propositions that previously felt amorphous' are now translated in cost savings...Whether it's risk aversion, avoiding lock in or adopting best-of-breed approaches with cloud service providers, organizations are prioritizing flexibility, Radlick said. It goes beyond containerization, and highlights emerging tools that support a declarative infrastructure where companies can seamlessly switch between CSPs."

CIO Dive