Senior Associate

Eric has extensive experience in financial statement analysis, strategic sourcing and procurement, program management, IT strategy and planning, and mergers & acquisition advisory. After graduating from University of Florida, Eric spent 2 years in New York City with Citigroup, followed by time in Citigroup’s London office. He spent a year working on a project with the World Bank in Brazil while also applying to business school. He found out about Pace Harmon while pursuing his MBA at Wharton and joined Pace Harmon soon thereafter. Eric spent six months volunteering in Northeast Brazil on a rural poverty alleviation project and speaks four languages (English, Swedish, Portuguese and German).

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“I came from a background in technology investment banking where I focused on helping companies raise funds in the capital markets.  While the work was rewarding, I maintained a strong interest in operations management and sought out new opportunities to help companies improve operational effectiveness.  I learned about Pace Harmon from a fellow Wharton alumnus and was immediately drawn to the firm’s core expertise in assisting clients to manage large, complex transactions and help implement operational changes.  The firm’s boutique size also represented a unique entrepreneurial opportunity to help develop the business and learn and grow with the firm.  Above all, I joined because I sensed a pervasive passion for the work among the firm’s practitioners—and I wanted to be a part of it!”

What I Like About Pace Harmon

“I like the fact that our work delivers tangible and measureable results for our clients and that you truly feel that you made an impact.  I also very much enjoy the variety of work and have had the opportunity to serve clients in a variety of sectors: telecom, financial services, education, and others.  Each engagement represents a unique set of demands and forces me to challenge myself in new ways.  I also like that many projects force you to think globally.  I spent my first year with Pace Harmon working on a project in the Netherlands and have also had opportunities to work and travel in Latin America.  Finally, I believe the firm’s culture sets us apart from many of our competitors—my colleagues are extremely bright, enthusiastic, and unpretentious.  We take our work very seriously, but never ourselves.”

The Kind of Work I Do

“My client work speaks to my interest in operations and supply chain and also allows me to draw on my finance background.  For example, I help clients define requirements, develop business cases, and evaluate the total cost of ownership for new technologies.  I assist with supplier negotiations and ensure that client’s contracts meet operational and commercial goals.  I perform assessments of company operations and assist to manage complex and transformative projects to generate savings and improve efficiency.  The common thread for me is the tangible and positive impact that my work produces.  The work requires me to be analytically savvy, yet creative and flexible.”