Senior Associate

With more than 20 years of experience, Keith has extensive consulting and operational experience in business process outsourcing, global strategic sourcing, procurement, supply chain, and shared services. Keith has held leadership roles such as VP of Supply Chain Management, Chief Procurement Officer, and VP of Operations Shared Services at organizations such as Motorola, Aetna, and Hewlett-Packard before joining Pace Harmon in 2011. He has both an M.S. degree in Management and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and served for six years in the U.S. Navy as an Engineering Division Officer on a nuclear submarine.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“Having previously led corporate Shared Services organizations supporting multiple internal customers, joining Pace Harmon was a great opportunity to leverage my prior experience in a new service delivery role focused on external clients.

I was very impressed with the expertise, energy, and focus the Pace Harmon team has on delivering sustainable solutions that measurably contribute to their clients’ success. The opportunity to work on complex, strategic initiatives for leading companies, while at the same time being able to contribute to the growth of a service-oriented, client-focused business made joining Pace Harmon an easy decision.”

What I Like about Pace Harmon

"There are lots of things I like about working at Pace Harmon, but three aspects stand out for me. First, I enjoy working for a small, well run privately-held company that has the latitude to take a long-term view of what's right for clients, and not just what's right from a short-term earnings or profitability perspective. Second, I like the fact that we're all responsible for growing the business, including business development with current and prospective clients, developing new service offerings, and recruiting new employees to support the firm's growth. Finally, the firm applies high standards to everything we do, from producing client deliverables to building differentiated service offerings."

The Kind of Work I Do

"The projects I work on help clients across a variety of industries maximize the value they obtain over the sourcing lifecycle for initiatives and functions they're focused on improving. My involvement has included assessing organizational effectiveness and performance improvement opportunities, developing and implementing sourcing/outsourcing strategies, creating and executing transition plans to move work to a new service provider, and managing transitions to a steady state operation with a new service provider.

In addition to client-focused service delivery, my work also includes contributing to Pace Harmon's growth by responding to requests for proposals, building awareness of Pace Harmon's capabilities with prospective clients, and supporting Pace Harmon project teams as a subject matter expert on business process outsourcing, procurement, and shared services."