Senior Associate

For more than ten years, Michael has led large IT outsourcing initiatives across the entire lifecycle, from managing the operations of a large investment banking firm to requirements analysis to vendor selection and transition. Michael holds a BS from Boston College, a MS from MIT and a PhD from the University of Washington. In his prior life, Michael was an academic oceanographer for ten years and worked with NASA building the first set of Ocean Remote Sensing Satellites. He is also an Emerald Shellback, which means he has crossed the Equator at Greenwich Meridian.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“I had spent the last ten years working in the IT outsourcing industry watching the business environment devolve into a more or less constant confrontation between vendors and customers. I was looking for a consulting firm where a balanced approach to outsourcing, in the sense that the target deal was symmetric and both parties would benefit, was the norm and not the exception. A very smart friend suggested Pace Harmon as a place where I would like working and the rest is history.”

What I Like about Pace Harmon

“My colleagues are incredibly smart, which creates great interaction among the teams and meticulous attention to detail in our client work.”

The Kind of Work I Do

“My focus is in the IT Outsourcing arena, and I’ve worked on a variety of projects in data center design and global delivery, application management and migration and outsourcing and vendor management. In my most recent project, I re-architected the core application systems for a major US retailer."