Senior Associate

Nick is a telecom industry veteran with over 25 years of experience including corporate telecom strategy, design, service delivery, sourcing, program management and implementation, and vendor management. Nick has performed hundreds of telecom-related engagements helping Fortune 500 companies with the procurement, review, design, and implementation of their network infrastructure. His experience ranges from various technical and management positions within IT, telecom, and finance groups at Unilever, EDS, Compass Consulting, and Control Point Solutions. Nick has four children and enjoys scuba diving and sailing.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“I joined Pace Harmon because I wanted to leverage my experience across a wide range of clients and engagements. I was looking to join a company that had a broad base of clients across multiple industries which would enable me to experience and work in challenging and diverse environments.”

What I Like about Pace Harmon

“Although there are many positive aspects to working at Pace Harmon, I particularly enjoy the opportunities to work in a team environment on a diverse range of client engagements.

All client projects are ’real life‘ with well-defined objectives and specific timelines, so they are rewarding to work on and there is a real sense of achievement.”

The Kind of Work I Do

“Most client projects that I am involved in leverage my experience in the network and telecom industries. These activities range from assisting clients with defining network strategies, evaluating outsourcing vs. insourcing, procurement of managed and transport services, and planning and management of network migration projects.”