Senior Associate

Rob has extensive experience in strategic sourcing and outsourcing transactions, process optimization, and complex program management. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Rob spent two years consulting for the Emerging Markets practice of a “Big 4” consulting firm and spent part of the time working abroad in Saudi Arabia. After returning to the United States, he learned of an opportunity at Pace Harmon and joined soon thereafter. A native of Washington, D.C., Rob is an avid Redskins, Nationals, and Capitals fan, which he has to accept as a burden more often than not.

Why I Joined Pace Harmon

“I joined Pace Harmon because I was attracted to the clear focus on client needs and having an impact on business outcomes. Beyond this, I was excited to engage with clients as more of a trusted advisor as opposed to staff augmentation. I knew from the first interview I had with Pace Harmon that I found the right mix of scale and client access that I had been seeking.

In getting to know the firm, from the analysts to the partners, it became clear that Pace Harmon was an environment where all levels were actively encouraged to engage with the client and effect positive business outcomes.”

What I Like about Pace Harmon

“I enjoy the wide variety of work that I have performed and the opportunity to serve clients in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, telecom, aerospace, multimedia, and others. Each engagement brings unique client problems and forces me and my colleagues to challenge ourselves to identify solutions.

Many of our projects have a global focus. I spent my first year with Pace Harmon managing the divestiture of a healthcare firm in Latin America. More recently, I assisted a client in the build out of over 2,000 cell sites in Argentina.

Finally, I believe the firm’s culture is a strong differentiator—my colleagues are driven, intelligent, and unassuming.”

The Kind of Work I Do

“My client work focuses on opportunity assessment, requirements development, transition support, and complex project management. For example, I help clients perform deep dives on spend categories, identify critical business needs and savings initiatives, and support the transition to and management of solutions. I assist with supplier negotiations and ensure that client’s contracts meet operational and commercial goals. I perform assessments of company operations and assist to manage complex and transformative projects to generate savings and improve efficiency.

The common thread for me is access to the client and the direct impact of my work. The work requires me to be analytically savvy, yet creative and flexible.”