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Pace Harmon’s perspective continues to resonate in the industry. The News Center provides a single source to find out about firm accomplishments, news, press coverage, and information.

December 19, 2014 2014 IT Outsourcing in Review: Grading Our Predictions
December 9, 2014 Keeping Tabs on Outsourcing Arrangements
November 20, 2014 Don’t Let the Impending Expiration of BPO Contract Sneak Up on You
November 14, 2014 Hypocrisy and Connections Help IT Outsourcing Firms
October 29, 2014 If Ebola’s a Problem Here, Just Imagine It in India
October 27, 2014 Business Processes Come Home to Roost
October 27, 2014 Outcomes-based Pricing: A Reality for ADM
October 24, 2014 5 Tips for Transforming Enterprise IT Towers Into Cloud Services
October 23, 2014 Nine Best Practices for Plan/Build/Run Frameworks
October 22, 2014 What Makes Continuous Innovation in BPO So Difficult?
September 16, 2014 Best Practices for Leveraging Cloud Storage Models
August 26, 2014 Reality Check: Alternatives to the Norm – Planning for Power and Backhaul
August 5, 2014 GE Capital CIO: Outsourcing Went Too Far
August 4, 2014 4 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch
July 16, 2014 Navigating the Changing BPO Value Proposition
July 1, 2014 Reality Check: Wireless Site Development – Cooperation with the Competition
June 13, 2014 Project Management Key to Low-Risk Wireless Network Decommissioning
June 9, 2014 D.C. Area Appointments
June 1, 2014 Deconstructing the Network: Challenges and Opportunities in the Move to 4G
May 29, 2014 People on the Move
May 29, 2014 News Brief – Pace Harmon Appointments
May 19, 2014 Introducing the SDCE 100 for 2014
May 9, 2014 Are Managed Services the ‘Holy Grail’ for App Outsourcing?
April 30, 2014 Ukraine Wants to Become the Silicon Valley of Europe
April 20, 2014 Ukraine Moves to Support IT Outsourcing During Crimea Crisis with Russia

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