11 Outsourcing Myths Debunked

Marc Tanowitz, managing director, was quoted in this article about common misconceptions around outsourcing engagements and strategies. Sample excerpt: "As IT outsourcing has become more mainstream, some assume it has become commoditized. That’s not the case, says Pace Harmon’s Tanowitz, who has encountered clients asking for best-in-class templates to create an outsourcing deal quickly. 'The reality is that outsourcing isn’t standardized and every deal is unique to each client’s business, technical, functional, and financial requirements. And that just addresses the deal structure,' Tanowitz says. Once the outsourced operations begin, things get even more complicated. The retained responsibilities may not be the same activities as performed in the current state. The skills required to govern an engagement aren’t necessarily the same as those required to manage the operations. Internal lines of responsibility can become blurred. Long story short: Outsourcing isn’t getting any easier. 'It is still a transformational and complex business transaction that needs to be diligently planned and managed,' Tanowitz says."