11 Steps to Insourcing Success

Managing Director Gordon Wong offers key advice as an industry resource in this article about getting insourcing right. Sample excerpts: "“In many cases, using the spare capacity of employees may result in higher quality and efficiency of project outputs due to their existing knowledge of the environment and ways of working,” says Gordon Wong, managing director at Pace Harmon...'Insourcing certain roles within a project can help clients build in-house technology capabilities that may be useful as the client continues to invest in these technologies going forward,” Wong says. Those services that require a niche skill or capability may make sense to bring in-house as well. “This approach can be a way of attracting or retaining a skillset that may be needed long-term,' adds Wong. 'By insourcing this niche skillset, clients will have greater control of the use of this resource as well as the ability to cross train others.'”