4 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch

Partner David Rutchik shares his industry perspectives in this article about top IT outsourcing trends. Sample excerpts: “Both public and private clouds are getting more traction this year among Fortune 500 companies and could threaten the traditional outsourcing model, says David Rutchik, a partner at IT consulting firm Pace Harmon… Rutchik points out that, as a result, outsourcers like CSC and IBM are integrating cloud capabilities into their products. IBM, for example, bought SoftLayer last year for $2 billion. ‘They're going on the offensive to get new business or on the defensive to keep from being priced out by cloud players,’ Rutchik says…Big companies that once feared using public cloud because of data security concerns are gaining confidence to use it for development and testing, and even for running customer-facing apps, says Rutchik, based on the activity of Pace Harmon's Fortune 500 clients.”