5 Tips for Transforming Enterprise IT Towers Into Cloud Services

Principal Steve Keegan serves as the sole industry resource in this article about shifting from traditional IT towers to cloud services and how enterprises can be successful with the “Plan/Build/Run” IT model. Sample excerpt: “As companies adopt more cloud IT services and work with an increasing number of service providers, the tried-and-true IT towers of the past no longer serve their needs. ‘The old model lacks the clarity of ownership required to drive decisions on as-a-service offerings that span the traditional tower structure,’ says Steve Keegan, principal with outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon. ‘Determining who makes the call isn't straightforward -- the server team, the app team or the database team?’…IT groups need to reorganize around processes rather than technology areas, such as infrastructure or applications. In process-driven IT organizations, ‘people are focused on activities that are of long-term benefit to the organization with clear accountabilities and increased efficiencies in how work gets done,’ Keegan says.”