5 Ways Robotics Process Automation Can Be A Nearshore Game Changer

This byline article, contributed by Paul Singer, Siddhartha Sharad and Joe Ripple, addresses the hot topic of robotics process automation and how it can transform how business services are managed. Sample excerpt: “As robots move from the shop floor to the back office, robotics process automation (RPA) is creating a paradigm shift in shared services…The value proposition is compelling: software robots replicate simple, repeatable human tasks at a keystroke level to improve accuracy, and they are quicker and more cost effective to deploy than traditional IT solutions. RPA solutions offer nonintrusive, relatively easy integration with legacy IT applications, and this opens up automation possibilities for process efficiencies that previously were considered cost prohibitive due to the IT effort required…That said, robotics process automation is not the remedy to all process problems. Any organization planning RPA deployments should consider five things before diving into this emerging area.”

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