6 More Outsourcing Trends for 2014

Principals David Borowski and Craig Wright offer key insights in this article about outsourcing predictions for the coming year. Sample excerpts: “Last week Global Delivery Report published some predictions from Information Services Group regarding the outlook for outsourcing in 2014. Here we present some insights about the year ahead from Pace Harmon, which offers three predictions regarding business process outsourcing (BPO) from Dave Borowski and three concerning IT outsourcing from Craig Wright. Both men are principals with the firm: "As many organizations have experienced frustration over traditionally long application development and maintenance (ADM) cycles, enterprises are increasingly adopting agile software development methodologies. ‘Their constant and rapid app development and testing capabilities over short bursts with immediate value delivery and measurability to the business,’ Wright says. ‘We expect an even greater shift away from waterfall methodologies that have been more widely deployed in offshore locations and increased interest in onshore and nearshore providers that more frequently support agile methods.’”

Global Delivery Report