7 Steps to Turning Around an Inherited IT Department

Rahul Singh, managing director, serves as an industry resource in this article about taking on a troubled IT department. Sample excerpts: “Assessing an inherited IT department's alignment with business strategies and objectives is an important first step toward rebuilding it. ‘In today’s increasingly digital world, IT plays a key role in enabling business strategy,’ says Rahul Singh, managing director of Pace Harmon, an IT management consulting firm…Ensuring alignment with business goals is necessary for IT to be viewed as a strategic business partner. ‘Engaging with the business will help one discover what's working versus what isn’t working, to identify the most pressing challenges and how deep the issues go,’ Singh explains…The new leader must also assess whether the IT department, in its current state, is even capable of providing operational stability. ‘It's hard to be seen as a strategic partner when 'keeping the lights on' is an issue,’ Singh notes.”