A CIO’s Guide to Assessing Cloud Feasibility for the Data Center

This contributed article by Andy Sealock and Dave Pickens offers guidance for CIOs looking to implement cloud-based services for their data centers. Sample excerpt: “’Can I completely displace my traditional data center footprint with cloud-based services?’ Most CIOs of large enterprises are asking themselves this question (or it’s being asked of them). The cost efficiencies, system-availability improvements and flexibility to scale compute and storage capacity on demand are primary drivers of cloud adoption. But it’s not an initiative to kick off without due diligence. Often, governance structures and fiduciary responsibilities require CIOs to take a business-case-justified approach to this transformation. The benefits must be properly weighed against the costs, both in dollars and risk. This process includes ensuring that the cloud-based approach fits the long-term IT and business strategies and meets the company’s financial, technical, operational and security/risk requirements.”

Data Center Journal