As Offshoring Outsourcing Grows, HR Tries to Measure Impact

Executive Managing Director David Rutchik serves as an industry resource in this story about the latest impacts of President Trump’s policies on offshore outsourcing, H-1B visas, and the marketplace at large. Sample excerpt: “‘Trump's biggest impact on outsourcing is a result of his rhetorical attacks more than actual policy changes,’ said David Rutchik, executive managing director at outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon, based in Vienna, Va. ‘Their rhetoric is pushing companies to hire more U.S.-based resources,’ Rutchik said. This is having a number of effects, including enabling ‘a stronger affinity with U.S.-based customers by having American workers serving in customer-facing roles…But the Trump administration has not hurt the adoption of outsourcing IT services,’ Rutchik said. ‘In fact, we are continuing to see an upward trajectory in demand for IT services outsourcing,’ he said.”

TechTarget / SearchHRSoftware