Assessing Your IT Outsourcing Framework in the New Year

Senior Associate Chris Stacy offers key insights in this contributed article about the importance of IT departments evaluating their outsourcing and in-house capabilities to ensure there is alignment with corporate objectives and budgets. Sample excerpt: “As we enter 2013, IT departments are once again determining how to meet new budget demands and better align with corporate objectives. IT outsourcing contract performance and ratios of in-house/outsourced and onshore/offshore IT capabilities come into focus as IT departments assess how their current costs and strategies are affecting the business. As part of this evaluation, IT groups should determine whether previous outsourcing decision criteria have changed and whether supplier performance is meeting the standards anticipated at contract signature. The results of this assessment will help determine whether and how to take action - from driving improvements through existing contractual relationships to more drastic alternatives such as repatriating services in-house from a current outsourced arrangement.”

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