Changing BPO Value Proposition Through Technology, Part 3: Considerations When Implementing Technology-Based BPO Models

Principal David Borowski completes his three-part byline series with this piece about advice for pursuing BPO transitions that are technology enabled. Sample excerpt: “Business process outsourcing (BPO) transitions are hard. This fact doesn’t change regardless of whether the transition involves more traditional, labor-based services or a technology-based solution. Likewise, the steps associated with a technology-related implementation are broadly the same. What does change are the points of emphasis when transitioning—what to expect and how to best support that transition effort to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible…With technology-based BPO implementations, everything is changing at the same time. On the surface, this doesn’t sound dissimilar from the more antiquated “lift and shift” approach, where the number of elements changing simultaneously, while daunting, is limited to mostly people and location—legacy processes and technology largely remain intact (although there is always some amount of process and technology change required when moving activities, especially offshore).”

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