CIO Role: 9 Ways It Will Evolve in 2020

Managing Director Rahul Singh was quoted in this story about how the role of the CIO will likely change in the next year. Sample excerpt: "In 2020, the image of CIO as business leader and member of the strategic leadership team will be cemented in more organizations. Singh describes the CIO as evolving into what he calls a 'Chief Digital Innovation Officer,' enabling company growth and transformation into a data-driven enterprise through the deployment of technologies...'This step will require CIOs to gain a better understanding of not just new digital technologies and how to cost-effectively operate them, but also to better understand the specific business their enterprise is in and how IT can drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate company growth,' Singh says. 'CIOs will need to sharpen their business skills and build relationships with the CEOs and GMs so they can collaborate as strategic partners.'”

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