Clients Have the Right to Expect More

Partner Steve Martin offers his analysis in this byline article about why a customized approach to client solutions can generate priority-driven results that align with the strategic objectives of all client stakeholders. Sample excerpt: “While the need to start with a fresh slate on consulting projects focused on areas such as corporate strategy or product portfolio management is generally understood, there is often a tendency to follow a “templatized” approach for operational or information technology oriented engagements. On the surface, it’s easy to understand why – these projects frequently have functional and technical characteristics that are common across industries allowing staff to benefit from “job-aids” such as previously used financial models, interview guides, data collection workbooks, RFP templates, etc. But consultants must be mindful of when and how to use preexisting collateral since there is a wide gap between “leveraging” and “reusing” the material unaltered. As an example, consider the area of strategic sourcing. Leveraging a data collection form to gather information required to perform a spend analysis across the client’s portfolio of vendors may be perfectly appropriate. On the other hand, attempting to force fit an RFP that was originally designed to source IT contract labor into one that would be used to source an IT managed services vendor would be borderline irresponsible.”

Consulting Magazine