Digital Transformation: 10 Sneaky Money-Wasters

Managing Director Andy Sealock was quoted in this article about avoiding unnecessary extra costs involved in digital transformation initiatives. Sample excerpts: “‘Digital transformations often involve enterprises shifting into a public cloud environment, especially as CIOs look to quickly reap the promised benefits of cost savings, flexibility, and scalability,’ says Andy Sealock, a managing director management consultancy Pace Harmon. Many enterprises expect to realize significant savings as they migrate from costly on-premises data centers. However, not all do – it takes care and discipline. Among the issues that can quickly drive up public cloud costs include over-engineered instance types relative to compute workload needs, storage tiering misaligned with actual performance requirements, mismatched payment terms relative to usage requirements, and unregulated demand management, Sealock says. ‘This can upend the public cloud business case if the enterprise does not proactively implement a cloud governance framework to continually monitor and optimize the cloud environment for cost performance,’ says Sealock.”

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