Digital Transformation: 8 Ways to Spot Your Organization's Rising Leaders

Rahul Singh, managing director, was quoted in this article about how enterprise leaders can take a best-practice approach to digital transformation success. Sample excerpt: "These leaders have a good understanding of both the business and of digital technologies so they can 'enable the vision and help the organization think of the art of the possible,' says Rahul Singh, managing director of IT and business services transformation advisory firm Pace Harmon. Many IT leaders gain this understanding of the business by spending time in business operations, making them more effective in their role of driving digital transformation, Singh says...Digital transformation works best when teams collaborate across functions, business units, and geographies. 'It enables better adoption of digital technologies,' says Pace Harmon’s Singh. 'Successful leaders have the ability to think across silos and are able to effectively leverage expertise from an external partner ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation.'”

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