Does Virtual Outsourcing Mean the End of 'Labor Lift and Shift'?

Principal Marc Tanowitz is quoted as an expert resource in this article about ITO customers’ shift to preferring providers with the best value proposition rather than those with the biggest staff and cheapest price. Sample excerpts: “In today’s buyers outsourcing market, its outsourcing customers that may be driving this change… ‘Someday ‘your mess for less’ may be supplanted by ‘our processes, your people,’ as customers seek out providers who can transfer their expertise and methodologies to the client's existing IT staff. Where outsourcing providers used to say, ‘tell me what you do and I'll do it (for you), or, better yet, give me your people so we can limit operational risk,’ says Marc Tanowitz, principal at outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon. ‘The new approach is, 'I'll tell you what is best and you tell me [whether or not it will] work.' This new dynamic brings outsourcing relationships to a more advanced state.’”