E3 Q&A: Maximizing Supplier Visits

In this Q&A style article, Managing Director Steven Kirz offers insights about the value of engaging in on-site supplier visits prior to selecting a provider and shares best practices for preparing for supplier visits to yield the most helpful insights and outcomes for subsequent contracts. Sample excerpt: “Q: What preparations should be made ahead of time to ensure a successful visit? A: To lay the groundwork for a successful site visit, the organization should request to specifically meet only with the proposed team leads and as much of the actual delivery team as possible. No executives should be a part of the meetings, and the contract should already be in a commoditized state, including requirements, statements of work (SOW), SLAs and pricing. With this approach, the organization can exercise leverage in securing the most qualified proposed team, as the supplier has not yet been selected and will feel more compelled to tap its top talent for the project.”

E3/Institute for Supply Management

September/October 2017 issue