Establishing a CCoE Can Secure Your Cloud Cost Savings

In this contributed article, Senior Associates Joy Sim and Michael Byrne make the case for establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence and governance practices to realize the cost and efficiency benefits of cloud infrastructure. Sample excerpt: “With more legacy IT infrastructure environments moving to the cloud, many CIOs are enjoying the benefits of flexibility and speed. But some are also facing the classic cloud risk factor: a very large, unanticipated bill. It is not uncommon these days to find CIOs having to justify a $5 million-plus cloud invoice, with little visibility into where the drill-down costs are occurring. For enterprises that are spending 1% to 2% of their IT infrastructure budget in the cloud, it is critical to secure cloud cost control through effective cloud governance. This will not only help mitigate out-of-control cloud spending, but also ensure greater visibility into cloud usage. Here are three cloud cost control governance practices that can cut cloud run rates by up to 50%, if implemented in parallel…”