Ethics, Language and Organizational Culture: Taking a Hard Look at 'Soft' Issues

Partner Andy Sealock advises companies to examine the “soft costs” of outsourcing in the nearshore region in this byline article. Sample excerpt: “Much has been written on the risks and rewards of outsourcing deals, including the array of reasons that large outsourcing deals fail. Ranging from cultural differences and communication problems to poor governance (e.g., vendor and contract management) and setting unrealistic or poorly understood expectations, these “soft” or change management-related reasons are often more problematic than “hard” issues such as differences in technical or operational capabilities. When dealing with outsourcing in Latin America, both in terms of outsourcing Latin American operations and offshoring functions to Latin America locations from elsewhere, proactively addressing these soft issues becomes even more important as key nuances vary from country-to-country.”

Nearshore Americas