H-1B Visas: Not Always a Magic Bullet for Employers

In this radio segment, Partner David Rutchik adds to the discussion about the challenges in hiring H1-B resources and discusses the due diligence he recommends to sidestep of the issue of fraud. Sample excerpt: "These reports of H-1B visa fraud are starting to get the attention of bigger companies. David Rutchik is a partner at Pace Harmon, a large, outsourcing advisory firm just outside Washington. He tells clients looking to hire an H-1B visa worker: ‘You want to do everything you can do. You want to validate. You want to get all the transcripts. You want to check references. You know, if you don’t have a rigorous hiring process, shame on you. You put yourself at risk by not doing so.’ Rutchik has also noticed that the government is making employers jump through more hoops to get an H-1B visa. Possibly, he says, to prevent fraud.”

American Public Media – Marketplace.org