How India’s IT Outsourcing Leaders Can Stay on Top

Senior Associate Rakesh Bhatia is quoted as an industry resource in this article about the future of IT outsourcing in India. Sample excerpts: “Firms that continue to focus on transactional low-end, low cost work may miss out on the next wave of IT services investment. ‘The market trend towards smaller deals and multi-sourcing is moving some business away from commodity offshore-based models, towards niche players as well as onshore-based models,’ says Rakesh Bhatia, senior associate of outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon…‘The India-heritage Tier 1 [providers] have recognized that growth of some of their highly commoditized services is threatened and they are dealing with it in various ways,’ says Bhatia. ‘They are growing their non-Indian employee base at a faster rate and performing strategic acquisitions outside India to reduce the leakage of their business to smaller onshore competitors.’"