How the Presidential Election Will Impact IT Outsourcing

In this article about the impacts of the election on the outsourcing industry, David Rutchik, Partner, provides his take on the issue. Sample excerpts: “’Offshoring under an Obama administration and Democratic Congress is likely to remain under some pressure, at least with respect to rhetoric,’ Rutchik says. ‘The reality, though, is that offshoring is here to stay, and has been utilized significantly under the current Obama regime and will continue to be an important service delivery model for U.S. corporations to compete globally…A Romney administration will likely tone down the rhetoric,' says Rutchik, 'but deliver the same results….Governments--whether state, federal or local--need more levers to reduce costs, and guaranteeing government salaries and corresponding increases, combined with the relative difficulty in enacting labor force reductions, are not the answer,’ says Pace Harmon's Rutchik.”