InformationWeek 500: Consulting Companies Focus on Telecom (InformationWeek)

Partner Steve Martin is quoted in this article regarding the consulting/professional services category of the 2010 InformationWeek 500. Steve offers commentary regarding current economic conditions and where IT spending is trending upward. Sample excerpts: "’If you go back 12 to 24 months, there was a significant halt to any new capital expenditures,’ says Steve Martin, a partner at Pace Harmon, an advisory and management consulting firm that specializes in helping companies manage outsourcing relationships. ‘This year, companies are starting to recognize that they have to catch up and reinvest in infrastructure and applications.’…Telecommunications will be a strategic priority for many companies. This decade will see resurgent spending in IP telephony, Martin says, partially because these companies need to replace legacy telecom equipment. There aren't many old PDXs out there with useful lives past four to five years, he says. Another driver for IP telephony is the need to support employee mobility. There's increased investment in teleworking among consulting and business service providers. ‘It's not just taking your PC home,’ Martin says. ‘It's setting up an environment in your home, or wherever you want to work, that effectively emulates an office environment.’"