Is Metro PCS Next for SoftBank?

In this article about Softbank Corp’s acquisition of Sprint Nextel Corporation, Partner Steve Martin provides his take on the marketplace implications. Sample excerpts: “Steve Martin, a partner at the advisory firm of Pace Harmon says, ‘This is probably a matter of survival for Sprint’s wireless business. The company needs to crack the code of how to add subscribers without bleeding earnings.’… This plays into Martin’s call for success through subscriptions, and he does see opportunity for the end user here. ‘It [the deal] has the potential to be good news for U.S. consumer and enterprise customers. Much like the wireline world back in the late 1990s/early 2000s, enterprise customers were better off with three viable providers — which at the time were AT&T, MCI (now Verizon), and Sprint — as soon as Sprint became less relevant in the wireline business, enterprise customers felt the pain of the effective duopoly with much less leverage than they had previously had.’”

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