Kill or Cure?

In this contributed article, Senior Associate David Borowski and Principal Marc Tanowitz emphasize the importance of establishing organizational alignment early and throughout an outsourcing engagement. Sample excerpt: “Outsourcing is a transformational change that is neither simple nor easy. Fundamentally changing a company’s delivery model is challenging enough when the business process or IT services are mature and the organisation supportive, but it becomes nearly impossible if organisational alignment is not addressed early in the initiative and measured throughout. Without proactive organisational alignment, programme management tends to rely more on “feel” than facts, and it becomes difficult to understand why certain elements of the project are working or failing…As with a medical check-up, organisations contemplating outsourcing must identify the symptoms of misalignment early in the process, diagnose the underlying cause, and prescribe the right course of action for improvement. While there is no silver bullet to guarantee organisational alignment, the most effective weapons are awareness, active communication, and a willingness to address instances of misalignment swiftly and decisively.”

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