Outsourcing Adieu: Companies Retake the Reins on IT Services

Partner Steve Martin serves as an expert industry resource in this article about the trend of some IT departments pulling select outsourced services back in house. Sample excerpt: “Steve Martin, founder and partner of Pace Harmon, a McLean, Va.-based outsourcing consultancy, has certainly heard the stories IT executives like Currier and others tell…Martin frankly admits that some outsourcers are ‘not doing a great job. If you talk to enterprises about their outsourcing providers, there's a high level of dissatisfaction.’…Pace Harmon recently released a report on insourcing that echoes that observation: ‘Many outsourcing deals are failing to meet expectations from an overall service delivery value perspective,’ the report says, specifically citing ‘escalating cost-of-quality issues’ and ‘inconsistent quality during service transition and delivery’ as concerns.”