Planet ITO: The State of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

In this contributed article for Outsource’s “Planet ITO” feature, Principal Jonathan Shaw discusses how enterprises are currently implementing cloud implementations and where they drive the most value. Sample excerpt: “Cloud computing continues to command strong attention for its flexibility, rapid deployment and cost-reduction benefits – but is the cloud talk translating into reality? Enterprise uptake is offering-dependent but is also affected by the customer’s size, industry, existing IT infrastructure, and tolerance for cloud delivery risks. While few large companies rely exclusively on cloud providers to host mission-critical infrastructure or business applications, controlled trials and point solutions that leverage the cloud are gaining steam…Enterprises with established IT facilities, platforms and operations face fewer hurdles to deploying IT solutions internally, so a jump to cloud computing requires a compelling business case. Enterprise scale means reduced benefits from 'by the sip' cloud pricing and can provide greater budgetary flexibility to support capital investment for internal solutions…Given existing assets used to deliver legacy IT services, the cloud business case is strongest when an enterprise must upgrade or build a new platform.”