Q&A: Global Services Interviews Pace Harmon

Senior Associate David Borowski offers insights on the state of the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) marketplace in this Q&A article, including current drivers (cost reduction, technology enablement, scalability and strategic focus), the provider landscape and future opportunities. Sample excerpts: “What are the new opportunity areas for FAO? David Borowski: ‘Many providers continue to increase their capability to perform more complex, judgment-based FAO services, but this is most commonly consumed by experienced buyers of outsourced services who are looking for areas to extend value. This will continue to grow as provider capabilities become more mature…F&A outsourcing services are becoming more available to smaller and mid-market organizations, as opposed to only massive enterprises…There continues to be an increased focus on creating differentiated BPO technology solutions, including BPO-oriented cloud solutions. While the initial BPO value proposition relied heavily on cost reduction benefits from lower cost labor, the next wave is to automate labor-based services through smart use of function-rich technology, such as via business process-as-a-service. As such, technology is playing a much bigger role in FAO deals than ever before.’”

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