Q&A with David Borowski, Senior Associate, Pace Harmon

Senior Associate David Borowski offers his expertise in this Q&A article about the transforming FAO marketplace. Sample excerpts: “While determining the most important elements in outsourcing Finance and Accounting activities is very much dependent on the priorities and objectives of the buyer organization, common drivers typically include:

  • Cost Reduction - At the end of the day, the primary driving force for FAO often remains cost reduction. Companies continue to see the value proposition in using third party providers to improve their cost profile and reduce back office operating expenses.
  • Technology Enablement - FAO engagements increasingly offer companies the ability to leverage key technology solutions/enablers that many organizations wouldn't otherwise have access to or be able to justify from a cost perspective. Providers have either developed these tools themselves or established strategic and complementary relationships with providers of point solutions (e.g., procure to pay, order to cash) allowing their customers to accelerate the realization of benefits.
  • Scalability - Finance and Accounting operations for certain industries may involve dynamic demand and volume fluctuations, which can be difficult to accommodate from an in-house perspective. FAO enables companies to more effectively scale resources based on actual demand.”