Reality Check: Alternatives to the Norm – Planning for Power and Backhaul

Principal Adam Cummins closes out a three-part article series with this piece about the importance of planning for backup power generation and alternate power generation and best practices for ensuring sustainable benefits. Sample excerpt: “Carriers have historically experienced a host of challenges in planning for alternative forms of power or backhaul during the initial design, build and implementation of wireless networks. These hurdles have often resulted in avoidable cost increases and operational issues, such as poorly planned disaster recovery options or inadequate backhaul capabilities. However, backup power generation options continue to become more generally available and cost-efficient opportunities to go ‘off the grid’ now present unique ways for carriers to lower costs relating to power. Further, options to circumvent wireline costs related to backhaul via microwave continue to be available to carriers that are willing to proactively identify opportunities to maximize value while minimizing ongoing operational charges that eat away at profitability.”

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