Reality Check: Wireless Site Development – Cooperation with the Competition

In this second installment of a three-part article series, Principal Adam Cummins discusses the trade-offs and benefits of utilizing competitors as partners for growth and expansion opportunities in wireless site development. Sample excerpt: “Many carriers have historically taken a “go it alone” philosophy in attempting to expand coverage into underserved areas. While this decision was often driven by a desire to differentiate relative to the competition, every new site development required significant capital investments and therefore required careful consideration. While the trade-off may have been worthwhile in some areas, the return on investment in other areas may have been far lower than expected and potentially could have benefited from a joint approach (with one or more other carriers). In these cases, what does a carrier need to consider when thinking about such collaboration? Can collaboration in fact be a useful approach across the entire site development lifecycle, or are there specific parts of the process that better lend themselves to a solo approach? A closer look at each of the phases of the site development process can help to identify where collaboration may make sense, and where in other cases it may lead to relinquishing a key strategic differentiator.”

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