Robotic Process Automation (RPA): 8 Habits of Successful Teams

Director Siddhartha Sharad serves as an industry resource in this article about how enterprise teams can maximize the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) at scale. Sample excerpts: "'Enterprises [with successful RPA teams] establish clearly defined automation charters that outline concrete business objectives and goals that are quantifiable, measurable, and achievable in defined timelines,' says Siddhartha Sharad, director at technology consultancy Pace Harmon. Taking that a step further, their team members also understand how their work aligns with that strategy and those goals, Sharad says...'RPA programs have a greater chance of success with C-suite and senior executive commitment,' says Sharad. Sponsorship and energy from the top fuels the funding and focus required to move from initial experimentation to RPA at scale. It also eliminates organizational bottlenecks to help RPA programs grow in prominence, he notes."

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