Trump’s Order on H-1B Program Puts Tech Employers on Notice

In this article, Executive Managing Director David Rutchik serves as an industry resource regarding likely H-1B visa implications of the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order. Sample excerpt: “David Rutchik, executive managing director at sourcing advisory Pace Harmon, pointed out that Indian providers should also be credited for investments in developing the U.S. talent pool, such as TCS' recently launched Ignite My Future in School program to incorporate computer science into the curricula at school districts in 10 cities nationwide. ‘Even with these investments, Indian providers will not be able to secure all the necessary resources and capabilities without additional action, due to fewer/more restrictions on H-1B visas,’ Rutchik said by email. ‘And, as such, there will likely be an increase in their use of technology automation to help with client delivery, as well as increased reliance on offshore work, among other strategies.’"