Unleashing the Value in IT Project Delivery

Principals Steve Keegan and Craig Wright authored this article about ways that CIOs can recapture the trapped value within IT organizations. Sample excerpts: “As IT organizations grow and evolve, their perceived value tends to decrease as it becomes trapped by poorly scaled, ineffective and inefficient project delivery and change processes. However, by employing pragmatic solutions, organizations can successfully unclog the traps – unleashing the value of IT delivery and alleviating common roadblocks while demonstrating the anticipated ROI of the delivery organization…Despite the best intentions, and often heroic efforts, a number of factors are driving increased inefficiency within IT delivery. Examples include mergers and acquisitions of new organizations that rarely achieve the full level of intended systems integration, as well as responses to compliance concerns (e.g., SarbOx and General Principles of Software Validation) that bureaucratize the delivery processes and result in unnecessary rigidity in methods and overhead (e.g., cost, effort and duration). Additionally, shadow IT organizations may act independently without due consideration of downstream impacts of change to core enterprise architectures and systems, particularly as business-driven SaaS solutions dislodge traditional IT applications...”

CIO Insight