Virtualization Sees Green, but More Energy Savings Could be Realized (Internet Telephony)

Rahul Singh provides analysis regarding this feature article on the environmental impacts and benefits of implementing virtualization. "In most non-virtualized enterprise data center environments, compute resources (servers) are under utilized, with most of them operating at 5 to 15 percent of their capacity," adds Rahul Singh, principal at Pace Harmon, a third-party outsourcing advisory and technology consulting firm. "This is, in large part, due to applications having dedicated server and storage hardware, thus requiring more power, cooling, network and real estate. In my experience, virtualization of enterprise data center environments significantly improves server utilization (in some cases by as high as 85 percent). The increased utilization can significantly reduce the power, cooling, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure and real estate requirements—resulting in significant decreases in energy consumption (50 to 70 percent) and the carbon footprint of enterprise data centers."

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