What HP’s Latest Change Means for Customers

Partner David Rutchik provides expert analysis in this article regarding the impacts of HP’ latest strategy changes—a shift away from hardware and increased emphasis on enterprise software. Sample excerpts: “’HP's outsourcing customers, however, shouldn't wait around to see if HP delivers. ‘They should insist on getting more visibility into future plans and a commitment that HP will execute upon them,’ says Rutchik. He points out that earlier this year Apotheker indicated total commitment to its hardware business, and the company invested heavily in a tablet it has since scrapped…‘All of these are signs that the company is grasping to determine its future identity and ultimate focus,’ adds Rutchik. ‘IT outsourcing customers, who are typically in multi-year agreements with a great deal of dependency on their provider for long-term success, need much greater comfort that this is not just another attempt to get HP's growth and share price on an upward trajectory.’"